It’s Not Just a T-Shirt: Benefits of Event Merch

It’s Not Just a T-Shirt: Benefits of Event Merch

How does custom merch drive value for your event?

Custom merchandise and events have long gone hand in hand — think of that Pink Floyd concert tee, the long-sleeve you pick up at the local 10k charity run, or the shirt you get with your registration at a conference.

Creating custom merchandise is a great way to drive brand awareness beyond the day of the event. When attendees wear your merchandise, it’s an implicit but powerful endorsement of your brand. And when those same attendees wear your shirt beyond the event, your brand gets continued exposure.

Custom merch is a valuable way to engage more with your audience.

Your attendees want a way to showcase their passion, support, and attendance. Through custom apparel, you’re able to provide your attendees with a way to support the event, and a chance to commemorate it long after the date has passed. This solidifies the connection between your brand and your audience.

Easy Advertisement

Most people don’t realize that advertisements are a prominent aspect of our daily lives. They’re everywhere, from the sides of buses to a streamer on a jet. Custom shirts are another form of such advertisement. Any event planner or business owner knows just how important promotion is. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the field for a while or you are recently beginning. Giving away custom shirts not only attracts guests to your event, but it even allows your guests to promote your event outside of the usual attendance. Some compare wearing custom t-shirts to wearing a business card.

Part of a Team

Throwing a large number of individuals in a group and expecting them to cooperate or network doesn’t always end well. Psychology has proven that uniformity among a set of people leads to the feeling of being part of a team. The custom shirts strengthen this bond between strangers because the shirts are unique. In a sense, the rarity of these shirts can be a way to bond.

Cost-Efficient and Trendy

When looking for a cheap giveaway or promotional item, several items may come to mind such as phone cases, cardholders, headphones, or even more expensive items such as electronics. The trick to having a fun giveaway is by giving away items that can be used in your guests’ daily lives. Shirts can be inexpensive if customized from the right service and if bundled. For instance, purchasing a hundred custom shirts often is cheaper than purchasing twenty because services give discounts for larger purchases.

Everyone loves merchandise and custom t-shirts are one of the best ways to engage the guests at your event as well as receiving easy promotion. These shirts can become memorabilia or even collectible items if you choose to have these events at once or continually. Regardless of the case, custom t-shirts are an excellent plan to consider for your next event.

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