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Need a Custom T-Shirt Shop? Heres What to Look For

Wherever you are when you’re out and about, you could probably toss a rock and hit someone wearing a custom T-shirt. (DISCLAIMER: DSR T-shirts does not condone random rock-tossing while you move about your town.) In the days of yore – you know, before the internet – custom T-shirt designs were pretty standard and boring. You could call up a shop or visit in person and request a shirt with the name of your team, family, or event and maybe the shop could draw up a little illustration to put on the shirt, but it typically wouldn’t be anything fancy.

Today, custom T-shirt shops are everywhere. A lot of the stores you’ll find online feature their own designs – things like cute unicorns eating ice cream on a rainbow – alongside designs that users have uploaded for sale. But what if you have an idea for a shirt that you need printed for a team, a corporate event, a family reunion, or even for a birthday gift? How do you go about sorting through all of the online custom T-shirt shops to find the best one?

Here are a few things that we think makes DSR T-Shirts so awesome.

Say no to minimum orders.

Sometimes you have a sincere need for two dozen navy blue T-shirts featuring llamas holding beer steins. Other times, you come up with a fantastic T-shirt idea (a cat with the body of a Pop Tart! Wait – what do you mean that’s already been done?), but you only need one. It’s frustrating to find shop after shop that requires you to drop a few hundred dollars to buy dozens of shirts simply to get this amazing idea out of your head and onto a shirt.

That’s why at DSR, we never require a minimum order. Whether you need a bulk order or just want a single shirt as a gift, a joke, or a fabulous fashion statement, we’ve got you covered.

You shouldnt have to wait and wait for your shirts.

What do you want? (“T-shirts!”) When do you want them? (“Now!”) DSR T-Shirts never requires our customers to wait forever to receive their custom T-shirt designs. Our fantastic DTG (Direct-To-Garment) printing machine not only creates vibrant, long-lasting designs; it also prints with lightning speed. That means that if you place a smaller order, we can get it completed and shipped out in as little as a day. Larger orders only take a day or two more, depending on the size. While we can’t send them out and drop them on your porch with a drone, Amazon-style, we can get your custom T-shirts to you pretty darned fast.


Online shirt design should be easy.

Finally, you shouldn’t have to talk with a designer and describe your T-shirt design so they can create it for you. This not only adds time and expense to the process; there’s no way a designer can truly capture the amazing T-shirt you have dancing around in your head. Instead, use the amazing design tool on the DSR T-shirts website to upload your design (or choose from our templates), crop it, flip it, flop it, add text, or position it any way you’d like. By the time you’re through, you’ll have a T-shirt that exactly matches the one in your mind’s eye…and you can order just one or an entire tribe of them.

Ready to get started? DSR T-Shirts is ready for you!

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