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Custom-Printed T-Shirts: 10 Reasons Why You Need Custom-Printed T-Shirts

Custom Printed T-Shirts, what reason do you have to buy one (or 10…or 100 of them)? The real question is what reason do you have not to? Here are the top 10 reasons why customized T-shirts simply make life better.

Advertise for your startup.

Marketing is expensive. Custom T-shirts aren’t. What better way to let people know about your new business than by becoming a walking billboard for it? Truly get creative with an attention-getting slogan or design in order to turn heads and make people remember your business later.

Uniforms are boring. Design creative T-shirts for the staff at your small business or restaurant. Employee T-shirts that say something like “Earl’s Diner” are a dime a dozen. One of the most memorable employee uniforms I’ve ever seen was when I was eating at a Vietnamese restaurant and enjoying pho, a soup that was the place’s specialty. The waitress informed me that the dish I was sipping was pronounced, “Fuh,” and I couldn’t help but laugh when she turned around and I noticed that the back of her T-shirt read, “PHOgeddaboudit!” By getting creative, you’ll make your customers smile and bring them back through the door.

Custom printed t-shirts make great gifts.

Why settle for predictable gifts when you can give something unique? From “Ball” and “Chain” shirts for newlyweds to funny designs for soon-to-be parents, custom-printed T-shirts will ensure that you’re never left without a great gift idea.

T-shirts make the perfect giveaway item.

A friend of mine recently hosted a contest for his business and was struggling to come up with an idea for affordable prizes to give away. I suggested T-shirts and the idea was a hit. A cool T-shirt is more than just a great prize, it also gives you the chance to advertise. Whether you need items to give away for a raffle or as a thank you to people who make donations to a cause, T-shirts are a great way to please the public – and they won’t break the bank.

Create promotional merchandise for your business or organization.

When you build a business or an organization that people truly love, they enjoy being able to take a part of it with them. Whether you give them out for free or sell them, custom T-shirts will let your fans and followers proclaim their love for your food, service, or cause while advertising your organization to others.

Give your team some unity.

It works out moderately well to ask everyone on your neighborhood softball league to wear specific colors so you can tell the teams apart. You know what works even better? Custom T-shirts. They’ll allow you to stop guessing who’s who and start really enjoying the game.

Wedding? Family reunion? Give guests a way to remember it!

Remember when Uncle Robert had one too many drinks and fell into the lake at that one family reunion? If you have a T-shirt to commemorate it, chances are you’ll remember it a lot better.

Get crazy with custom bachelorette party tees.

Speaking of commemorative T-shirts, when the girls get together to celebrate someone’s final days of freedom, nothing spells sisterhood like matching bachelorette party T-shirts.

Team-building is better with T-shirts.

The next time your organization holds a team-building exercise, hand out custom T-shirts emblazoned with the group’s name, as well as each individual’s name. It’s a great way to bring the team together and help everyone get to know one another.

Stand out from the pack.

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